Vijay Kapoor was elected to Asheville City Council in November 2017.  His goal is to ensure that all Asheville residents go to sleep each night feeling safe, fed, healthy and valued.  He is working to make sure that Asheville City Council focuses on the needs of its residents and neighborhoods, that it permits only rational and responsible development, and that the city and the region have a diverse economy with strong wages.

Latest Updates

Jul 02, 2019

A Possible Way Forward on Districts

I’ve been listening to many of you about the positives and negatives of city council districts as well as how they came about and, based on these discussions, I want to offer a possible way forward.

Jun 24, 2019

More on Districts

Recently, I told you that I changed my mind from opposing to supporting a five-member City Council district system with two at-large members. 

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